we take video editing
off your plate. 🍽️

Get Back Your Time and End Your Video Editing Headaches!

Are You Frustrated by:


Having to Edit

… your own videos, if you want it done right?


Fiverr and Upwork

…delivering video editors who have to be micro-managed?


Freelance Editors Who

…do not understand your Brand Voice nor Storytelling?


Having To Email

…back and forth 1,000 times for just 1 video project?


Video Editors Who

…don’t seem to be available during critical business hours?


Video Editors Who

…ghost you and never seem to respond in a timely manner?

Easy Onboarding For New Clients 🤝

Dedicated & Skilled Video Editor ✂️ 🎞️

Brand Integration and Fast Turnaround ⚡️

We know how frustrating it can be managing mediocre freelance editors or spending time being your own.

Client Testimonials

My first video edited by Hot Sauce Editing has garnered over 56K views since it’s launch AND I got my time back!

Matt Sonnenberg

Skylanders Character List

The video edits are AWESOME! I love them. I actually sound like I know what I am talking about.

Amelia Mimi Brown, CSP

Transformational Leadership Coach

How We Work

The Conveyor Belt Process

Choose Subscription

Pick an editing package that fits your style and your budget.

Submit Your Assets

Upload those beautiful
audio and video files.

Review Your Edit

48-72 hours later you will have a completely edited video to review.

Rinse & Repeat

The faster we work together the more videos you can produce per month!


Feature Showcase

Discover Our Unique Features

Professional Editors

Swift Turnaround*

Unlimited Revisions*

Dedicated Client Portal

Extra Spicy Add-ons

Community Support

Who Are These Editors?

We have stacked our team with seasoned editors from all over the U.S. and Canada.
They know video content marketing and YouTube for businesses branded videos. We also only hire talented editors who are super creative, current with editing trends, and are great storytellers too!

How Fast is Your Turnaround Time?

Unless otherwise agreed upon, standard turnaround times will be between 48 - 72 hours for initial edits and 24 Hours for revision edits.

* This is a standard and not a guarantee.

What Does Unlimited Revisions Mean?

*It means that we are willing to work directly with you on your video until it is exactly how you want it to be. Remember though, that if each video we do has a ton of revisions you may not get as many finished videos per month as you might have hoped.

What is a Dedicated Client Portal?

As a Hot Sauce Editing client you will have your own space to interface with your editor, participate in the production process and see where your videos stand at any point in time. Your overall editing time relies on you being active and ready! Your portal page also allows for asynchronus communication which eliminates the need for cluttered email inboxes.

What Are These Extra Spicy Add-ons?

Because we are a full-service video content agency, we have the ability to help with video thumbnail design, video content strategy, fractional creative direction, custom brand assets, and more. These can be custom addons during our initial call and monthly pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Community Support... What is That?

The entire time you are a Hot Sauce Editing client, you will have access to our online communty for ongoing support and education. Hot Sauce Editing is a brand subsidiary of the Video For Entrepreneurs company, and no matter what product you purchase from us, you get access to our community full of other entrepreneurs and video professionals as well. This space is also full of tools, courses, and live Q&A calls!

Pricing and Packages



Dedicated Pro Editor


Brand Integration


Custom Client Portal


48-72 Hour Turnaround


Conveyor Belt Process




Everything From Mild Sauce


Fractional Creative Director


Video Content Strategy


Custom Special Effects


Branded Asset Kit